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The Concept

Baseline Story: -

The ideas came up with the basic all-time changing requirements in a workflow environment.

Example: - Think over this…now that you have requirement of a box to run a word processor.
What are the things that will come to mind?
Some standard features like 1.8 Ghz 512 ram….and so on…May be some specialized features also like a DVD apart from CDr/w and finally a word processor software.
Lets say again you need some spreadsheet to work on.
What are the things that will come to your mind now?
From where do I get the spreadsheet software now? You are no more thinking about the word processor, which is already there.

This says that you are not really bothered about what is already there but what extra do you want.

This means that you are scalable in terms of features you want on the system till the load is ok…Right???
Now suppose you have the requirement of an application server to run on the system. If the application is too heavy then box might scream…right???
Does this mean that although you are scalable in terms of features but not in terms of load?

Back to matrix: - How about having a generic workflow server (your PC & OS), which can take up any functionality as per the requirements…least be bothered about what is already there.

Yah I am talking of functionality scalability on a workflow server.
Is that easy, CAN BE.

Good, well think of something like that every flow is independent of other flows like two applications on the same system.

Well are you thinking that the development process will be cumbersome???…Hold on.

Well not at all…
first, we will be using the same old good fundamentals of re-usability by breaking each flow into ACTIONS (May be same as two applications sharing the same DLL). ..Second we won't have to develop the flows…. we will only have to configure the flows.

Now are you thinking of the load part???.... Smart!
How about having the total set up on a J2EE environment. If you got the point then probably you can appreciate the concept.

Still have doubts…. what about the applications that sit on the PC & OS???
The answer is XML, A self-contained and powerful element to hold data. You got the point right. All workflow elements will be independent XML documents having all the info about why they are the workflow server and what are they expected to do.

Can you appreciate now??? If not then do ping me at sdevashis@mailservice.com with the doubts that you have.

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